The Internet Is Like The Wild West. You Can’t Trust Anything You Read.

Until Now.


A More Informed Way To Surf The Web


Get reviews and recommendations for ANY website, web page, show, or video


Fight back against fake news


Participate in a live web chat for every page


Follow friends and influencers and go where they go


Share content with your friends and followers and post to any social media

The Internet has relied on the honor system for far too long

And it’s become so bad we can no longer trust if a product is worth buying, a show is worth watching, and if a news story is true!

WebWrap brings the ability for anyone to rate and comment on any webpage out there so you can see what other visitors have to say, from strangers across the globe to your own friends and family.

Every product page, every Netflix show, even a small local website can be assessed, talked about and rated right from within WebWrap.

Create your own avatar and profile and leave a mark on the world

WebWrap is all about people-powered trust. Create a profile with your picture and info, and even leave video reviews on the pages you’re passionate about.

Find a page that hasn’t been WebWrapped yet? You can start it!

Or chime in on the existing WebWrap forum and upvote, downvote, or comment on any thread.

Follow any WebWrap user and stay clued in to their past and future comments

Have an influencer who you trust – or just a stranger whose Wraps are informative, wise, or just worth reading? With one click you can see their WebWrap history or follow them and see what else they have to say!

Even deeper ratings for specialized content

Besides the normal 5 Hearts rating system, movies and shows have these more in-depth categories to rate:

Do you create or curate content? WebWrap was made for you!

WebWrap is the perfect way to get pertinent, powerful content about any type of media out to a global audience without throwing it in their face. WebWrap is fast, simple and clear and gives you a way to build trust that’s unique, informative and easy.