WrapCoin™: a Crypto token of the WebWrap platform where everyone is a fairly paid influencer !
You can easily mine WrapCoin™. WebWrap Inc will list WrapCoin™ on exchanges in the near future, so you can exchange your WrapCoin™ if you wish. Meanwhile we will establish a cashs liquidity pool dedicated to the beta phase, letting anyone who wants to cash out the chips to do so.
Get some
WrapCoin™ just for joining us!
  • Mine a WrapCoin™ Wrapping products services and places with your opinion.
  • Mine a WrapCoin™ when your opinion is useful to others.
  • Mine a WrapCoin™ distributing useful opinions, yours or others.
  • Mine a WrapCoin™ by inviting friends to join us, when they join.
  • Mine a WrapCoin™ by winning competitions on our leaderboards.
WebWrap™ is a layer above the entire Internet and all physical locations. It is a micro social network above any web site or any physical place. In that micro social network, like-minded people meet to discuss, review and expand information about the place, product , service - even companies and people.
You can install the WrapCoin Miner Beta app for Android or iPhone, or install our Chrome extension, and start mining now!
Why Wrap anything with your review and opinion? Because when you add a review to other sites like Yelp™ or Trip Advisor™ the value of your contribution flows to them. When you Wrap it, some goes to you!

The initial mining of WrapCoin™ scale for the 1M coins beta test is:
  • One or more WrapCoin™ for the first 10000 beta users, just for joining us
  • 10 coins for the first 1000; 7 coins for the 1001-2000; 3 coins for the 2001-5000; then 1 coin up to 10000
  • One WrapCoin™ for every friend you invite, that joins.
  • One WrapCoin™ for every original review you create.
  • One WrapCoin™ for every 5 reviews of others you find useful and re-wrap
  • One WrapCoin™ for every 5 ReWrap by others of a review you created
  • One WrapCoin™ for every 50 followers you gather
This scale will change from time to time as we progress in the development of the WebWrap platform.
This is an early beta version. We are working hard to publish our WrapCoin™ in the Crypto space, to make it useful outside our platform too. All your current activity in the platform while in beta, will be rewarded with WrapCoin™ once its smart contract is published on the Ethereum blockchain. Please create a Crypto Wallet so you can cash out the coins when WrapCoin™ will be set on Ethereum. The scale of rewards will be published here and will change over time per the smart contract governing documents. We reserve the ability to audit contribution, and remove entries suspected as bots, spam, or other TOS violations
At the beta phase we will run our own sidechain for testing of the platform. However the coins you will own at the end of the beta test will transfer to your Crypto Wallet. While the beta test is running, a liquidity pool will be available if you wish to exchange your WrapCoin™ to US$.